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About the Founder & Photographer

Mr. Tushar Parmar

He started his photography career while he was perusing his studies. Passionate about photography, he is a now a well-known and trusted name when it comes to professional photographers. Born and brought up in Indore, he learned the subject from India’s one of the most renowned institute of photography and media arts.

With a vision to build a loud story around pictures, he gradually mastered the art of Story creation and made even the toughest subjects easy to capture and presented them in a magnificent manner through his images. As they say, that experimentation is important, Tushar too witnessed the challenge and not just confined his skills to one particular type of photography but learnt the key concepts, starting from wedding photography, travel photography, fine art portraiture and many other to say the least. His favourite shoot still remains fresh in his memory, while he photographed Actor Rahul Roy in Mumbai.

In the initial learning days, he had always been fascinated with the culture and traditions and where best but weddings could witness it more? Hence, to capture the spectrum of emotions, he first started with wedding photography but gradually honed multiple skills and expanded his horizon. Currently, he shoots for about 40-60 weddings a year, apart of the commercial and fashion shoots, but always keep his camera and lens handy to catch the beauty of every scene he finds photogenic.